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Alexa analytics is a free online tool that enables users to verify a website's current rating on the Alexa ranking system.  The tool is created by expert web developers that well understand the intricacies of online analytics, and it is therefore designed to be very dependable. You may rely on our site rank checker tool to provide reliable and simple findings derived from Alexa's web engines.  Webeesh SEO Tools' Alexa Rank Checker may provide the following information:


  • Global Rank: The rank of the website being studied in relation to all other websites on the planet.
  • Reach: The number of unique visitors to the website (as estimated by Alexa based on the number of Alexa Toolbar users they are able to track).
  • Nation: The country with the greatest number of tourists.
  • Nation Rank: The website's ranking in that country.
  • Change: How the site's rating has worsened or improved.




Check Alexa rank using a well-designed user interface developed for simplicity, Alexa Tool is incredibly simple to use and highly intuitive. To utilise the tool, just complete the following steps:

Step 1: Confirm that you are on the Alexa website rating page (, which is most likely where you are now.
Step 2: Enter the URLs to be checked. You may enter up to 5 domain names, and our system will check them all at once in no time.
Step 3: Finally, click the "Check" button.

Finally, the programme will instantly reveal the Alexa rank results of the bulk domain, presenting all of the previously specified information. That's all!
You are also welcome to utilise our other free SEO tools Alexa Rank Comparison Tool as a hint.



On the market, there are a few tools for checking Alexa site ranks. even has a dedicated area where you can check the ranks of websites.
So, why should you utilise this Alexa site rank checker from Webeesh SEO Tools? What distinguishes and distinguishes our tool from others of its kind?
First and foremost, our tool is developed with the most advanced technology available to offer the most accurate findings you can rely on.
Furthermore, it is the simplest to use (we examined various programmes and none of them make it this simple).

Not only that, but you can use our Alexa website rankings checker to check the Alexa Rating of numerous websites (up to 5) at once for FREE.
Most other Alexa Rank checks do not provide this functionality. You also cannot evaluate several websites on the website.

Monitoring the Alexa Rank of numerous sites at once enables you to compare and contrast, which returns to the marketing advantages of website rank checking.

Furthermore, we created this tool with a proprietary algorithm that thoroughly examines the Alexa site rating. Our developers have ensured that everything has been tested and is in working order so that we can provide you with accurate Alexa web rankings.

What exactly is Alexa Rank?

If you want to discover how popular a website is, one of the most well-known methods to find out is to look at its "Alexa Rank."  Alexa, which is owned by, is an online analytics firm that delivers web traffic statistics and other marketing metrics based on information gathered from numerous toolbars and web browser extensions.

Although Alexa provides a variety of services and has been engaged in several significant initiatives in the past (such as supplying a database that served as the foundation for the establishment of the Wayback Machine), its most well-known service or tool is "Alexa Rank."


"Alexa Ranking" is now a statistic that ranks websites in order of popularity. It is a worldwide ranking system that uses online traffic statistics to compile a list of the most popular websites on the Internet by use.

This list does not include EVERY domain name in the world, but it does include millions of them. The only reason a domain name may not be included (automatically) in the Alexa Rank list is if it is not popular enough in terms of the amount of people that visit or use it.  This rating is determined by "how well a website [is performing] compared to all other sites on the web during the previous three months," according to Alexa.

In terms of how Web Alexa ranks websites, the more popular a site is, the lower its rating. Yes, it is natural! This suggests that a website ranked "1" on Alexa is the most frequented, as opposed to one ranked "100,000."

Let we apply this to our situation:

Our Alexa Rank Checker (by Webeesh SEO Tools) application allows you to quickly determine the Alexa Rank of any website on the Internet. We designed the tool to be dependable, so you can rely on it to offer accurate and intelligible information pulled straight from Alexa's web engines.  We'll discuss more about Webeesh SEO Tools' Alexa Checker later, but first, to assist you make the most use of the data our tool provides, let's look at how Alexa Rankings operate and why you should check it in the first place.


"The traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users plus data acquired from other, varied traffic data sources, and is a combined measure of page views and users (reach)," according to

That is, the ranking is determined by a proprietary formula that combines a site's estimated average daily unique visitors and projected amount of pageviews over the previous three months. Alexa collects data from millions of users who utilise a toolbar offered by the firm.  The Alexa toolbar is accessible via Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer browser extensions, as well as through Alexa's website.

Users must install the Alexa toolbar on their browser in order for Alexa to get these data.  Given that hardly every Internet user (ever) downloads and utilises the toolbar, most individuals do not place a high value on Alexa Rank. According to Alexa, "Alexa's traffic estimates and rankings are based on the browsing activity of individuals in our worldwide data panel, which represents a sample of all internet users."  However, the data Alexa gives may help you have a "general" notion of how popular a website is in most circumstances, which is why it is still regarded relevant. But then, why look for such information? What do you intend to use it for? Let's get into it now.


According to Alexa, you may learn "how well a website is performing compared to all other sites on the web during the previous three months." Check your Alexa Rank using our free Website Analytics Tool.

Here are four major things you can do using Alexa Rank analysis data:


  1. Self-Analysis: If you're a blogger or website owner, knowing your site's Alexa Rank is essential since it shows you how popular your website is on the Internet. You may use the data to plan the best strategies to increase traffic to your site or the most strategic actions to outperform the competition. And, certainly, you can use Alexa Web Ranking to keep track of your site's growth, whether it's losing or gaining popularity. Of course, if you realise that it is losing popularity, you may change it fast and so on.
  2. Competitive Analysis: Alexa may be used to gather competitive information. That instance, using the data, you may do a competitive study to determine the amount of visitors a competitor website attracts. You may also compare and contrast your website with those of significant rivals to see how you all compare in terms of online popularity. Our incredible application, Alexa Checker, is just ideal for this since it enables you to verify the Alexa site information of numerous websites at the same time.
  3. Marketing Analysis: If you're a marketer, Alexa Rating will tell you how popular a website is so you can decide whether or not to place your advertisements there and at what cost. In reality, Alexa website rating is one of the elements considered by marketers when determining the marketing potential of targeted websites.
  4. "Who's Who?" Alexa Rank divides websites into three categories: "Global," "Country," and "Category." You may learn "who is who" in a certain nation or industry by looking at the most visited websites in that country or industry using the "Country" and "Category" rankings. You may also view how your website and competitors rank by country and category.

Now that you know what to do with Alexa Rank data, let's speak about verifying your Alexa Rank (with Alexa Analytics by Webeesh SEO Tools, of course).




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