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Examine your website for broken links. Remove those dangerous, poisonous broken links from your website and give it a boost. To check for broken links, paste the URL.

Free Broken Link Checker discovers broken links on any website in minutes. This is an online utility with no sign-up or downloads. Advanced services are provided.


Checker for Broken Links on Websites

Use our Websites Broken Link Checker to quickly find broken links on your website.

A broken link occurs when you click on a link that is meant to take you to a certain page but instead brings you to another website that displays a 404 error message. Some of the most typical reasons of a broken connection are listed below:

  • The website is now or will soon be offline.
  • The website has been removed.
  • The Permalink web page has been edited or altered.
  • The website was banned by a firewall or similar software.

Broken links ruin the user experience and might harm the reputation of your website. It seems to reason that having multiple broken links on a website is often referred to as "link rot" - since it is as horrible as the name implies.

Using our broken link checker will save you time and allow you to maintain the credibility of your website.

This broken link finder tool can discover any broken links on your website in no time. This allows you to instantly remedy any problems. This tool does not need you to be an SEO expert or webmaster to utilise since it is incredibly user-friendly.

It is free to use and may be used several times by anybody.

What exactly is a broken link?

A dead link is another term for a broken connection. It is a link on a certain page that is already broken.

You will notice a broken link if:

  • The website is always offline.
  • The website has been decommissioned and relocated to a new domain.

It is not nice to have multiple broken links on your website, particularly if you run an online company. It is critical as a website owner to constantly delight your site visitors. You should also ensure that all of your website's links are functional so that visitors may trust your site.

If you wish to monitor any broken links on your website and maintain the links on your web pages up to date, our broken link checker will come in handy.

Broken links on a website can be aggravating to the end user because visitors are coming to your site with a purpose, and if you are unable to provide what the visitor requires, they will likely move on to the next website and will no longer return to your website due to the bad experience with broken links.

When a website is not maintained for an extended period of time, it might develop "link rot," which indicates that the website has numerous broken links. That is why you must use our website's broken link checker to locate these links and identify and correct any problems.

Why should you use our Broken Link Checker for Websites?

Webeesh SEO Tools wants to give you with the finest tool for checking broken links on your website.

This free online broken link tester is quite effective at detecting link issues. This application is highly user-friendly; it allows you to verify any broken links on your website and fix them.

We make it easy for you to identify all of your site's dead links with our broken link checker tool.

How Should You Use This Broken Link Checker?

As the number of pages on your site that may include hyperlinks grows, it will be tough to keep track of them all. Using our broken link checker tool is the simplest approach to scan your website for broken links.

To verify your website for broken links, just enter the URL in the supplied field and then click the "Check" button. Our system employs a proprietary algorithm that will process your request and provide the findings immediately.

This broken link checker is incredibly simple to use; no particular skills are necessary, and anybody may use it. Because there is no search restriction, this is a very handy tool for website owners, webmasters, and SEO specialists. This online tool is completely free, and no registration is necessary.

Why are broken links detrimental to your website?

Broken or dead links on a website are not only inconvenient, but they may also harm your website's reputation.

Some webmasters and website owners who do not routinely maintain their websites may be unaware that they have broken links until a user informs them. Web users who are unfamiliar with broken links, on the other hand, are prone to believe that the problem is on their end, such as an internet connection issue or a defective system. Mobile customers who see broken links will often hit the back button and go on to another site, frustrated that the content on your website could not be loaded.

People may now write comments on social media, thanks to the popularity of the platform. As a result, if they had a negative experience with your website, they would most likely tell others about it, which may further erode your website's trust.

We all know that traffic is one of the most important factors in having a high page ranking on search engines, which is why you must make sure that any broken links on your website are removed, as this will assist enhance traffic on your site.

It is critical to update your website on a regular basis, particularly if you employ external links, since your partner website may not always tell you if they make modifications or relocate the link. Additionally, external servers may be pulled down temporarily or permanently, and domains may expire or be sold. These are some of the things you cannot control, but you may take preventative measures by frequently monitoring your website with our broken link checker.

All you have to do is type the URL into the provided area and then click the "Check" button. The results will be available in a couple of seconds.



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