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About Keyword Position Checker Tool

Keyword Position Checker is a tool used to determine the position of a website or URL in the search engine (especially, Google) for a certain phrase as per competing with other websites for the same keyword.

Do you want to discover how your website landing pages rank in search engines for the keywords you're trying to target? We have a tool that can assist you in determining this.


Examining Your Keyword Positions

The Google rank checker tool allows you to see where your website landing pages appear when a user searches for your desired keywords.
So, what are the benefits of using our keyword rank checker?

Checking and tracking your website's keyword placements on a regular basis is a typical activity among website owners and marketers. It helps you to assess the effectiveness of your existing SEO effort.

In an ideal world, your website would always appear on the first page (top ten spots) of search results for your key phrases.

However, these ranks are often dominated by industry household names, especially for high volume, single word searches. For example, if your website offers things, you're likely to see Amazon and Ebay dominating the first handful of results.

What Is the Process of Using Our Google Keyword Rank Tool?

Our tool is free, simple to use, and straightforward to comprehend.  Simply input the domain for which you want to get associated keyword positions. This may apply to any website, whether your own, a client's, or even a competitor's.

Second, type in your desired keywords. If you're not sure what they are, consider typing one to three word sentences that define the services, goods, or content your company offers. These are the phrases for which you will search the current positions of your website.

The Numbers Behind Google's First Page Results

Congratulations if you verified your website's placement and found yourself in the top ten. 

Unfortunately, your job isn't always done.  It's worth delving into some statistics to get a sense of the proportion of total traffic your website is likely to get based on its search position.

Take, for example, Google's top ten results. Google, being the world's biggest search engine, is by far the most common option for consumers when looking for a certain topic. However, the position of your website on the first page of search results will impact how much search engine traffic you will obtain.

Google's results are divided into two categories. The sponsored adverts come first. Typically, there are three of these, followed by the second section, which contains ten 'organic' search results. The organic results appear on the website based on merit, not money.

According to statistics, the top ten organic results get around 90% of user clicks, with sponsored results receiving the remaining 10%.

The top position is typically clicked by 33% of searches, which is why it is so highly sought for. Following that, 66 percent of people will click the second, third, or fourth results, with the proportion of clicks decreasing as we go lower down the results page.

Furthermore, fewer than 5% of people generally go through to the second page, implying that if you don't show on page 1, it's not really worth appearing at all.

How Can I Improve the Keyword Positions of My Website?

If you checked your ranks and didn't reach the first page of results, or if you're unsatisfied with your rank, you have a few options.  Giving Google what it wants is the most noticeable action you can perform. This entails optimising your website for the more than 200 parameters used by Google to rank search results.

We agree that 200 variables seems like a lot to handle, which is why we compiled a list of the most important elements Google considers. They are as follows:

Strong user engagement/satisfaction signals, high quality backlinks, and in-depth quality content. The latter indications often comprise, among other things, bounce rate and time on site.

Isn't it about time you reviewed your website's keyword placements now that you understand why search result ranks are so important? Press +Option+Z to activate screen reader assistance. Press slash to learn about keyboard shortcuts.




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