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About URL Rewriting Tool




About URL Rewriting Tool

This free online URL Rewriting Tool by Webeesh SEO and Digital Marketing Tools is a super-efficient tool that swiftly produces static URLs with only a single click. Simply copy the URL and paste into the box and submit. Our URL rewriter tool will quickly create the result and offer you with a shorter and static URL.


Concerning the URL Rewriting Tool

Use Webeesh SEO Tools' URL Rewriting Tool to convert lengthy dynamic URLs to static ones.  This free URL Rewriting Tool will assist you in converting your lengthy dynamic URL into a shorter, static one. This strategy is often utilised by website owners, webmasters, and SEO professionals since static URLs are favoured over dynamic URLs because they are simpler for end users to remember and bookmark when necessary. In addition, static URLs may aid in search engine optimization.

Creating a website and preparing it for search engine optimization requires a significant amount of time and work. Even the smallest Webeesh features, like as the kind of URLs, are vital for a website since they may have a significant impact on your website traffic and page ranks.

If you are still utilising lengthy and dynamic URLs that are unfriendly to site visitors and SEO, it is time to fix your URLs by converting them to static URLs with our URL rewriting tool.

What are the benefits of using our URL Rewriting Tool?

Webeesh SEO Tools' free online URL Rewriting Tool is a super-efficient tool that swiftly produces static URLs with a single click. Simply copy and paste the URL into the box before submitting. Our URL rewriter tool will create the result instantaneously and offer you with a shorter, static URL.  We created this URL rewriting tool to help you verify and rewrite the URLs on your website. Remember that a static URL is always preferable than a dynamic URL since static URLs score higher in search engines like Google. Dynamic links, on the other hand, are indexed by search engines at a slower pace than static ones.

This URL rewriting tool is simple to use and produces speedy results. There is no need to download the programme onto your PC since this is an online utility that you may use whenever you want, saving memory space. You also don't have to pay anything to utilise our URL rewrite generator since it's entirely free.
There are three compelling reasons to rewrite URLs. For starters, it aids in search engine optimization since search engines like URLs with short query strings. Second, having friendly static URLs increases the likelihood that your sites will rank higher in search engines and generate more traffic since they seem more user-friendly to many online users. Third, it helps your web pages load quicker than having dynamic URLs. As a result, it features a more user-friendly interface.

Why is it necessary to rewrite URLs?


  • Static URLs are much simpler to memorise and utilise.
  • Static URLs are simpler to bookmark and index than dynamic URLs.
  • Static URLs may aid in improving page rankings in various search engines.

To do this, create a file named ".htaccess" and paste the created code into it. Once you've created the.htacess file, place it in the root directory of your website. This kind of URL rewriting will only work if you are hosted on Apache Server.

Major search engines may recognise folder names and create genuine connections to keywords if your URLs are clear and simple (static URLs). Because continuing to employ query string limitations may impede search engines' attempts to index your web pages. According to most SEO professionals, dynamic URLs are unappealing to search engine spiders, but static URLs are more inviting to these crawlers, which aids in obtaining a high page rank score.

How can I make use of our URL Rewriting Tool?

To use this URL Rewriting tool to shorten your lengthy dynamic URL, just input the URL in the box given and then click the "Check" button. Your request will be processed by our system, and the shorter and static URL will be generated.  Using SEO tools such as this URL Rewriting tool is extremely crucial for many website owners and webmasters since it can tremendously assist in advertising and reaching out to a larger variety of audiences globally. This URL rewriting tool may prepare your website for increased internet exposure, allowing your target audience from across the world to view and visit your website.

If you operate an e-commerce website, it is probable that more people will be able to access your web pages on search engines, perhaps leading to increased traffic and transactions.  Our rewriting tool is built using Apache's mod rewrite module to convert dynamic URLs into search engine-friendly static URLs. Simply put your dynamic URL into the field, and our tool will convert it to a static one in a matter of seconds.

Concerning Static and Dynamic Websites

On the internet, you may come across several static websites. A static website is one that provides information without using any signals. These are widespread in Webeesh firms and corporations; they just want to demonstrate their digital presence. They don't want anybody stealing their company name, and they don't do any business on the internet.  Static websites are often simpler to host and less costly to create. However, someone with HTML understanding is required to update it.

What Benefits Do Static Websites Have?


  • Low development costs
  • Quick and simple development
  • Low hosting costs

What are the Cons of Static Websites?

  • May only offer basic information
  • Web material can cause problems
  • Modifying or updating requires web knowledge

What Benefits Do Dynamic Websites Offer?

  • A dynamic website has additional functionality;
  • It is very simple to administer and update;
  • It allows web visitors to communicate without difficulty;
  • It allows information to be exchanged between the website owner and end-users.

What are the Cons of Dynamic Websites?


  • costly to host
  • costly to create