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About Website Link Count Checker

Website Link Count Checker will help you to find out the number of links on a particular webpage. Just input the URL you are interested in checking for links and click on ‘Count Links’ button.


Concerning Website Link Count Checker

Use our "Links Count Checker" tool to quickly and easily verify the number of links on your web pages.  If you wish to count the number of outbound links on a certain website, use this free online tool. To guarantee the quality of a website, website owners and webmasters must routinely examine their external connections on their web pages.

More significantly, this tool may save you money and the hassle of paying for advertising or link building from an untrustworthy service provider. The usage of "Link Farms" (pages or websites that exist only for the purpose of replicating backlinks) is not a viable alternative for search engine optimization since such link building activities are detected by a specific algorithm. It may really do more damage than good to your website.

If you are intending to trade links, it is advised that you utilise this link count checker tool as a starting point to delete sites that might possibly harm the reputation of your website. You may then do further research by personally assessing the relevancy of that particular web page.

Webeesh SEO Tools' Links Count Checker

The quantity of links on a website, both internal and external, is one of the most significant characteristics of a website that most website owners are concerned about. Because search engines like Google rank websites based on the number and quality of connections they have.
Our Link Count Checker may assist you in tracking your web pages' internal, external, and backlinks. It will also display if the links are Dofollow or Nofollow. In other words, this is a counter tool as well as an incoming and outgoing link extractor that is quite useful for search engine optimization.
We at Webeesh SEO Tools wish to offer website owners and webmasters with the greatest tool for counting both internal and external links, since this may provide them a solid indication of their website's link worth.

This Link Count Checker tool is highly useful for gathering all of the required information for increasing the quality of a web page. Typically, the website owner needs to know how many internal and external connections exist on a certain web page.

How do I utilise the Link Count Checker?

This Link Count Checker tool is really simple to use. Simply type the URL into the text area and click the "Check" button. Our system employs a one-of-a-kind algorithm that will process your request and produce the result in an instant. The following information will be shown in the results:


  • Total number of links
  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Nofollow link
  • Dofollow hyperlinks

Total links – refers to a website's total number of internal and external links. There are website link count checking programmes that will also tell you how many duplicate links and empty anchors you have.

Internal links are connections between pages on a website. They are often connected through the website menu or interlinks.
External links are connections to other websites, sometimes referred to as partner websites. The more external connections a website has, the better for search engine optimization. However, all links should be to useful and trustworthy websites, not spam sites.
Nofollow links are often displayed in red to represent a danger. The degree to which they pose a danger to a website is still debated. You must, however, avoid nofollow links. Popular social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are automatically set to No-follow.
Dofollow links enable Google and other search engines to follow them and access your website. This link is valuable to the website since it might assist you in obtaining a high page ranking on search engines.

Some website link count checker programmes may also detect the anchor text that connects your website to another website. This will assist you in evaluating the material and creating additional Dofollow links.

How to Increase the Number of Follow Links

Using this website links count checker tool is the most effective technique to get do-follow links. Based on the findings, you can begin making the required modifications to your sites to make your links more attractive to search engines. To assist you with SEO, the links (both internal and external) must be relevant to the web page content and utilised in the right context.  You may also undertake guest blogging on a comparable website with page authority to assist enhance website traffic, which might lead to a higher page ranking on search engines like Google.

The search engine's ranking criteria use a one-of-a-kind algorithm capable of intelligently processing information. Websites that attempt to mislead these search engines by purchasing harmful links or utilising farm links will fail since these practises are detected.

What effect dofollow and nofollow links have on SEO?

Most search engines, such as Google, associated a website link with other similar sites, which caused a quandary for many website owners and bloggers. Some took advantage of the chance to gain money; phoney link farms were given to unsuspecting website owners and webmasters. They only understand the value of external connections, which is why they fell for paid farm links.

However, it creates a new quandary since links with bad content were published on various blog sites and connected to websites. It became a major issue for hardworking website owners and writers, so they added no-follow to their sites to put an end to this harmful activity.  Google and other search engines were also impacted, necessitating the modification of their ranking algorithms. They developed a mechanism to validate links and utilised the No-follow idea in dealing with bogus and spam websites.

Many website owners grew wary about obtaining No-follow links, which were connected with purchasing connections from unknown sources, and instead focused on associating with trustworthy sources or websites.




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